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Medicines Development appoints First Development Manager for Training Program

May 17, 2011

Medicines Development is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Charlotte Mulder to its Development Manager training and placement program.

The program is supported by the Victorian Government’s Smart Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME) Innovation Commercialisation Program (ICP) and aims, over three years, to co-fund the recruitment, training, placement and supervision of specialist product development managers. Each of these managers will be placed into a biotechnology company and receive ongoing mentorship from Medicines Development’s senior managers.

Dr Mulder joins Medicines Development from a veterinary medicine and business banking background. Her appointment fulfils the program’s core objective to train talented individuals to the discipline of specialist drug development in the Victorian biotechnology industry. Dr Mulder is receiving comprehensive drug development-specific training program before joining an identified Victorian biotechnology company as their Development Manager.

The program benefits each participating Victorian biotechnology company in three ways: 1.Through acquiring a trained and dedicated Development Manager, supported by Medicines Development’s working practices and network, as part of the “in-house” team. 2.The person is employed by Medicines Development but is a full time member of the biotechnology company’s team, representing a flexible resourcing solution 3.Through the provision of a significant discount for the duration of the program.

Mark Sullivan, Director of Medicines Development said that "We are delighted that Charlotte has joined Medicines Development. Her appointment represents the start of this innovative program to provide talented people with product development training opportunities without having to relocate overseas, and to provide a practical solution to a critical skills gap in the biotech industry.”

About Medicines Development

Medicines Development is currently engaged in the development of a number of products in both preclinical and clinical stages using proven, industry-standard methodologies. The Company’s unique approach is to place a skilled, dedicated Development Manager within a client company, with the backing of proven international development knowledge of its senior management and the functional expertise of their network of specialist advisors. For more information on Medicines Development Limited please visit the company’s web site at or call +61 3 9629 6111.